Future orders support

Would you like to please your buyers by ordering specific products now, even though the flowers and plants are still growing in the nursery? And would you like to be certain that you can supply the same quality that you ordered from your supplier? Then use the future orders support for direct trade from Royal FloraHolland.

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Your benefits

  • You are assured that the agreements you make are realistic.
  • You limit your risks (financial or otherwise) and you can adjust as a result of interim checks.
  • Your customers' satisfaction grows.

What does it cost?

The cost depends on your individual situation and wishes. Request an estimate without obligations.

How does it work?

Buyers who get their agreement evaluated in advance by an independent agent are assured that the agreement is realistic and that it can be fulfilled. That is important because large orders and large sums are often involved. And of course your reputation for reliability.

You take the following steps:

  • You are planning to place an order with a supplier for flowers or plants that are not yet ready for harvesting.
  • You ask us as an independent agent to check the agreement for the specifications of the product, the delivery terms and conditions, and the planning. This allows you to make realistic and feasible agreements with your supplier and with your own buyers.
  • If you wish, our quality advisors can monitor the progress of the crop on your behalf. You will then always know how your product is doing. If you arrange it with the supplier, you can receive a copy of the observation reports.