Lot deviation notification

Has another buyer identified a deviation in a lot that you bought a part of? That would be valuable to know in case it also happens to you. That is why there is a free SMS service called Lot deviation notification. You are warned that you have to be extra careful when inspecting your lot.

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Your benefits

  • Immediate warning message when another buyer's complaint turns out to be justified.
  • You can make a claim for your share of the lot immediately.
  • You can offer your buyer(s) up-to-date information.

What does it cost?

Because we feel it is important that you have the right flowers and plants to take to your buyer(s), we provide this service free of charge.

How does it work?

The Lot deviation notification service works as an SMS-alert. A text message is sent to your mobile phone to warn you about lot deviations that are relevant for you. This alerts you to be extra careful when inspecting your lot. And in the rare case that something does not conform to the product specifications, you can count on reliable assistance from our Product Complaint team. You can immediately submit your part of the lot for a claim to them.