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Image bank

Do you want to provide your buyer quickly and efficiently with representative photos of your current supply? Then use our Image Bank. Here you will find the product photos of all your purchases in one central location. They can be uploaded quickly and easily into your own webshop, saving you time and money.

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Your benefits

  • You can place product photos quickly and easily in your webshop.
  • No fuss to find the right images for marketing purposes.
  • Your buyers always see your current supply, supported by representative product photos.

What does it cost?

The Image Bank is free for use by buyers of Royal FloraHolland.

How does it work?

The Image Bank of Royal FloraHolland is the central location where you can download product photos of the lots you purchased. You can use these photos for your own marketing processes, for example in your webshop.

The electronic clock transaction (ECT) you receive contains a photo-ID for the product you bought. With this photo-ID you can collect the photo automatically with your own software from the Image Bank. This is done through an electronic Image Message, which is an extension of your purchasing software. Your software supplier or ICT Department can tell you more about it.