Product complaints

You buy flowers and plants in the morning at the auction and then get on the road quickly. After all, your customers are waiting for them. It is logical that you expect to receive exactly what you ordered. But sometimes the quality or grading of a lot you purchased does not match what you expected on the basis of the supply information. Our staff from Product Complaints can help you to resolve the smooth handling of your claims.

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  • One desk for all your claims.
  • Quick and easy handling by specialists.

What does it cost?

The service provided by the Product Complaints Department is naturally free of charge.

How does it work?

Always report deviations in quality in products you have purchased to Product Complaints. If a large number of complaints is received in preceding days we conduct daily targeted quality inspections of the supply. If we find the information is incorrect or lots that are not marketable, we can decide right there and then not to auction the product or to correct the supply information. In this way we reduce the number of complaints and prevent their repetition.

There are several options possible at Product Complaints:

You can agree a price correction with the grower

If you are willing to keep the product for a lower price and the grower is prepared to agree to a discount, then you can contact the grower directly by telephone. After agreeing on a discount, you submit a reinspection form to the Product Complaints Department. Royal FloraHolland confirms the agreement with the grower and processes the discount in its administration.

The purchase is annulled by Product Complaints

If you do not want to keep the lot, you report your complaint by telephone and submit a complaint request with the Product Complaints form. The deadline for this submission is 16:00 on the day of purchase. One of our employees checks within two hours whether your complaint is justified and makes a report based on the applicable product specifications. If the lot is to be returned, you leave it with the complaints staff member. The financial processing takes place on the same day. Depending on the time it takes place, it may appear on your daily statement for the next day.

You uncover a deviation in the product a day later

If you uncover a deviation only a day later, it is likely that this is a 'hidden fault'. You can report it to the Product Complaints Department using the Hidden Fault form. One of our staff members will contact you within two hours to discuss the next step to take. We often ask you to bring the product to one of the auction locations so one of our employees can inspect the defect.

NB: conditions associated with Remote Buying product complaints

There are conditions associated with complaints about products purchased via Remote Buying. Some product characteristics or defects can be negatively affected by transport or storage.