Global Sourcing Services

Do you have difficulty in finding the right products, especially abroad? Let Global sourcing services find the products that you want. It searches, for example, in Africa, Latin America or the Mediterranean region.

Your benefits

  • Ease of purchasing: you have more time and energy for the business of trade
  • Easy access to exotic flowers and plants, directly from foreign growers
  • Good negotiating position through direct contact with growers

What does it cost?

You specify which actions we should take on your behalf. The cost of the negotiation depends therefore on the job and can differ from country to country. We provide a customised estimate of your wishes.

How does it work?

Our specialists know many plant growers in Germany, Denmark, Italy and Spain, and flower growers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Columbia and Ecuador.

You specify which flowers or plants you are looking for and which region.

  • You are assigned one contact person at Royal FloraHolland for each production region.
  • Our specialists explore what is available and approach suitable growers.
  • Growers make proposals, and we present the best ones to you as options.
  • You come directly into contact with the grower, not with an intermediary.
  • We support you with preparing the contracts for direct trade.
  • We advise you during the mutual arrangement of logistics and the payments.

Additional options:

  • You can commission us to carry out the administrative tasks for your direct trade with Africa. That is handy when you often order the same products.
  • Let us regularly examine the production of the products you want in different countries.
  • We can support you with quality inspections, order management, post-harvest processes and long-term orders when you trade with growers abroad.