Novelties can be an important means for you to distinguish yourself in the market (local and international) and retain that position. That is why we collect hundreds of cut flowers and plants in a handy overview once a year. It makes it easy to find all of the information about the products.

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Your benefits

  • You have a single overview containing all the details about a new product
  • You can distinguish yourself on the market with the new products

What does it cost?

This service is for buyers of Royal FloraHolland.

How does it work?

For both growers and buyers, novelties represent an important means to achieve and retain a distinctive position on the local and international markets. That is why we support market introductions: for example, by bundling novelties on our website and in our newsletter or auctioning them as 'Fleurprimeur' or 'Plantprimeur'. We also draw attention to new products at our trade fairs, at national and international specialist fairs and in product presentations at Royal FloraHolland.

To encourage the development of new products, we award De Glazen Tulp every year for the best market introductions. A jury of experts decides on awarding this prize in four categories: cut flowers, houseplants, outdoor plants and concepts.