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Commercial services

We help you achieve your commercial goals with our commercial services. Get insights that help you in your daily business. What is your position on the marketplace? What are the market developments? Make use of various services including promotional opportunities and gain access to the latest knowledge on trends, sales figures and market developments. All developed to help you serve your customers even better and realise a higher return.

Our services

Insights for buyers

Get more insight into your own purchases and into the pricing at Royal FloraHolland via this Power BI Dashboard app

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Product market view

A complete report of market developments, including our view on the direction the product group is moving towards.

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Promotion Check

Promotion Check provides insight in the floricultural promotions of over 100 retailers in 25 European countries.

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Retail services

Our specialists help you to optimize the product range of flowers and plants in these retail channels.

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Store check

Get in touch with your customers and receive valuable feedback in the field of shelf and product improvement.

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Strategic Market Insight

Are you looking for current market data to enhance your commercial business strategy?

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