Packaging recyclable and multi-use

A smooth delivery begins with good sustainable transport packaging. A standard packaging should protect your products well and optimally while they are being transported to their destination and make that transport more efficient. At Royal FloraHolland we have the packaging that suits your product and your buyers' needs: for flowers and plants, single-use recyclable and multi-use, to rent or to buy.

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What does it cost?

Each package has its own price. This can include a rental charge plus a deposit for multi-use packages or a purchase price for single-use recyclable packaging.

How does it work?

There is a range of transport packaging to choose from, with many types, sizes and variations. For example, single-use recyclable flower and plant boxes with different measurements. Or multi-use buckets, shelves, flower boxes and plant trays.

The single-use recyclable packaging is available for sale, and after use you can turn it in to one of the waste-processing points of Royal FloraHolland, and we shall recycle it. You can of course collect the single-use recyclable trays yourself, and your waste processor can recycle them.

The multi-use packaging remains the property of Royal FloraHolland. You rent it and pay a deposit on each item. After use, you return the packaging to us.

You can collect and return packaging at all auction locations: the Packaging Depot, the Logistic Supplies Department or the Packaging Department.

Additional options:

  • Mobile return of packaging (collection service in Aalsmeer, see under Quickly to)
  • Direct exchange with the grower (subturns, see under Quickly to)