CC containers

Rapid delivery to your customers begins with the right logistic supplies. As a supplier of Royal FloraHolland, there are CC containers available for your use at every auction location. CC containers are narrow roller containers that are primarily suited for transporting plants. You can easily collect or return these containers and just pay for use, storage and handling.

Your benefits

  • Quality and sufficient quantities at every auction location.
  • Easy to use and load.
  • No purchasing or maintenance costs.

What does it cost?

For the CC containers you collect from a CC depot at one of our auction locations, you pay no fee on the first day. After this day, you pay a flat rate for use, storage and handling. There is a 'free foot' for storage: you store 22 bases and 60 plates in one of our depots free of charge.

We settle the user fee (formerly called 'rent') of the CC containers once a week.

Every year, Royal FloraHolland sets a peak period during the busiest supply period in the year. During this period, you pay no storage fees, but a peak surcharge applies to the user fee. The dates are listed in the rate schedule below.

How does it work?

Royal FloraHolland ensures that enough CC containers are available at each auction location (including Veiling Rhein-Maas). A CC container consists of a base with four corner posts and several shelves. It is also fitted with an official CC-label, a metal CCTag5-label and a RFID-chip (Radio Frequency IDentification).

You can collect and return CC containers and shelves at any location. When collecting them, you need to show your ID, a packaging card or packaging coupon booklet.

You can administratively transfer CC containers and shelves yourself via Logistic supplies online or a transfer form (then we shall do it for you). There are administration costs associated with this. Transferring helps to keep your balance of CC containers that you are using as small as possible. That saves you time and money: you avoid unnecessary storage and do not have to physically transport CC containers and shelves about.

The CC containers are the property of Container Centralen, an external party.

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