All about CC containers

Rapid delivery to your customers begins with the right logistic supplies. As a supplier of Royal FloraHolland, there are CC containers available for your use at every auction location. CC containers are narrow roller containers that are primarily suited for transporting plants. You can easily collect or return these containers and just pay for use, storage and handling.

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Availability of CC containers

During the peak period, you can find more about the availability of the nationwide supply of CC containers and shelves.

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Collecting and returning

Collecting and returning functional CC containers and shelves in working order: locations and opening hours.

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CC containers

Transport your products easily and efficiently with our CC containers.

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CC material

You can return non-functional (broken) CC material to the Container Centralen depots.

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CC labels

These measures have been taken to stem the influx of fake CCTAG5 RFID-labels.

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Frequently asked questions

Need to know more about CC material? Read the frequently asked questions.

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Rules collecting and returning

There are a number of rules governing the collection and issue of CC material.

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