Clock distribution

You want to properly align the delivery, order handling and transport of your flowers and plants, without losing time. With our modern systems and logistic supplies, we shall deliver to you all of your clock products collected together after the auction.

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Your benefits

  • You receive all your clock purchases bundled.
  • You will receive your purchased transactions soon after the time of purchase.
  • You can receive the transaction made by your customer separately from your own transactions (Pre-coordinated with Royal FloraHolland).

What does it cost?

Clock distribution is part of the auction process and is included in the transaction costs.

How does it work?

You can follow the prognosis of the end times on our website. The Naaldwijk location also provides a prognosis by e-mail, which you can subscribe for. Then you will receive an e-mail with adjusted times if a delay of at least 30 minutes is expected.

At the Aalsmeer location, you can decide to split your purchases at the product level. We can also group your products for Remote Buying customers. Would you also like to have your direct trade delivered by us, to optimise your processes and prevent crossing of flows in your box? Then use our additional service, Connect logistics.