With e-Invoice you receive your invoices from Royal FloraHolland in XML format, which can be easily read into your own systems. This allows you to automate control over the orders in your purchasing system. That saves you time and prevents mistakes.

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Your benefits

  • You can automate the control over your orders.
  • You save time and prevent mistakes.
  • You no longer have to input invoices manually if you have the right accounting package.

What does it cost?

The subscription to e-Invoice is free of charge.

How does it work?

With the free subscription to the e-Invoice service, you receive all your clock, direct trade and trading scheme invoices from Royal FloraHolland by e-mail in XML format. Only the invoices from the auction locations Eelde and Rhein-Maas are not included as they are not yet available in XML format.

Practically every purchasing system from the major software suppliers can read in e-Invoices.

NB: To be able to read in our e-invoices in your accounting system, your must have an accounting package that can read Cross Industry Invoice (Cii) format. Check with your software supplier about the possibilities.