Trading scheme Online

You determine yourself from/to whom and how you buy and sell your flowers and plants. We understand that. That is why it is simple to sell on your purchases via Royal FloraHolland to your fellow buyers. Via the Trading Scheme, you settle these mutual transactions quickly and efficiently.

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Your benefits

  • Easy to sell your products directly to fellow buyers.
  • You are assured of a rapid, efficient and accurate settlement.
  • You save time: you do not have to maintain a collection administration

What does it cost?

Only the seller pays a small percentage of the total transaction cost. This commission varies depending on the scope of your mutual transactions on an annual basis. The higher your Trading Scheme turnover, the lower the surcharge percentage. Refunds are done on a subsequent calculation basis.

How does it work?

Would you like to sell on a portion of the products you purchased via Royal FloraHolland directly to another Royal FloraHolland buyer? Or do you need certain products and want to pick them up from a fellow buyer? Via the Trading Scheme, you settle these shared transactions easily via Royal FloraHolland. You inform us of the transaction electronically using your own purchasing software. If you do this before 11:30, both the selling and the buying party will receive an invoice with a clear specification the following day. The settlement is done via the existing accounts of both parties at Royal FloraHolland.

After logging in to My Royal FloraHolland, you can complete the Trading Scheme request form. One of our employees will contact you within two workdays to check whether you meet the criteria. Then your administration number will be linked to the Trading Scheme.