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Trading scheme Online

Sometimes, you want to resell bought flowers or plants to a fellow buyer. In that case, it is convenient if you can settle these mutual transactions quickly and easily. Royal FloraHolland's Trading Scheme online makes this possible.

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Your benefits

  • Easy to sell your products directly to fellow buyers.
  • You are assured of a rapid, efficient and accurate settlement.
  • You save time: you do not have to maintain a collection administration

What does it cost?

If you resell flowers or plants to a fellow buyer, you will pay a small commission percentage on the total transaction fee. This commission varies and depends on the size of your mutual transactions on an annual basis. The higher your turnover through the Trading Scheme, the lower the mark-up percentage. For your fellow buyer, the transaction is free.

How does it work?

The Trading Scheme allows you to settle mutual transactions with fellow buyers very easily. You report the mutual transaction to us electronically via your own purchasing software or the online self-service portal. If this is done before 10am, both the selling and buying parties will receive an invoice the same day, with a clear breakdown. Settlement will take place through both parties' existing accounts at Royal FloraHolland.

Fill in the Trading Scheme application on My Royal FloraHolland to make use of the scheme. One of our staff will contact you within two working days to check whether you meet the conditions. Your customer number will then be opened for the Trading Scheme.