Who we are

Royal FloraHolland is a cooperative of growers. We have brought together growers and buyers for over 100 years. We strive for sustainable success for our members by working together with all parties in the floriculture industry, so that the industry continues to grow. We believe that we are smarter and better together, and can do more at less cost than if we each operate on our own. Together, we are becoming increasingly efficient and sustainable and we are working towards a future-proof floriculture industry. Join us – Connect to grow.

Connect to Grow

The largest floriculture marketplace in the world

Collaboration has taken us far. We have become the biggest floricultural marketplace in the work and one of the most important export sectors in the Netherlands. We bring together supply and demand for an optimal price at minimal costs through our digital platform. We offer a unique range of ordering, payment and delivery. In this way, we create a solid foundation on which our growers and buyers can build their business and work together towards sustainable success in the global floriculture market.

Digital platform with smart logistics solutions

We are developing our marketplace into a digital B2B platform. Here, our growers make the broadest, deepest and most sustainable range of flowers and plants available worldwide. Ordering, payment, delivery, we ensure that everything is possible through our platform. With these services, we offer smart solutions for growers and meet our buyers' needs This way our customers can focus on what they are good at and we optimise the floriculture chain.

Ordering: we offer a number of options for efficient and effective digital trading on our platform. Directly at the grower and through the clock. Growers and buyers choose the course of action that suits them best.

Payment: with our invoicing and payment services we ensure reliable financial settlement. We do so worldwide for all parties.

Delivery: with our delivery services we offer logistics solutions and transport for all orders from the field to the buyer. That way we deliver products faster, fresher, and more often.


More can be achieved together than alone. The cooperative spirit is our starting point. That is why we involve our members intimately in our strategy and cooperate closely with growers, buyers and partners. It strengthens our services and promotes the identification of opportunities for further growth and development.

Sustainable development

At the same time, we remain fully committed to sustainable development. We see sustainability as an opportunity and responsibility for the chain to improve the floriculture sector even more. In this way, together we ensure a well-functioning plant passport and reliable environmental registration. In addition, we are working towards environmental certification.

Sustainable success

As a whole, our cooperative is becoming increasingly smart, efficient and sustainable, which promotes further growth. It is how we achieve sustainable success for us all: Growers, buyers, partners - the entire sector. This has been our intention from day one and always will be.