Research into longevity

Do you want to supply flowers and plants of guaranteed quality to distinguish yourself in the market, always have satisfied customers and avoid complaints? Then have your flowers and plants tested via our Post-Harvest Knowledge Centre to discover how your products will appear in the consumer's home. You can examine and compare the results of your vase life tests online. This reveals precisely the quality of your products, provides you with a distinctive, independent quality guarantee and reduces the risk of complaints.

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Your benefits

  • You have a good image of ​​the performance of your products at consumer level.
  • You can distinguish yourself with an independent quality on vase life performance.
  • You improve customer satisfaction

What does it cost?

The cost of longevity testing depends on your individual situation and wishes. Request an estimate without obligations from the Post-Harvest Knowledge Centre.

How does it work?

The Post-Harvest Knowledge Centre has extensive facilities for longevity testing in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. We are ISO-certified and work on the basis of VBN research standards. The tests are conducted in a controlled environment so we can compare the test results, for example of the same products from different growers. The Knowledge Centre is equipped for small-scale tests, so even smaller growers can come to us for testing.

Vase-life testing

With vase-life testing we periodically conduct a number of standard tests. We test your products for longevity (vase life) and other quality characteristics, such as bud opening and the presence of Botrytis or slimy stems. You receive objective information about the quality and longevity of your product at that moment.

Reviewing your test results online

Via FlorEsearch you can review the test results of your own vase-life tests online and compare them with those of earlier tests or of other growers. You can also publish your test results via 'Vase life tested'. Then the inspection code 'hbgetest' (Vase life tested) will be displayed on the clock front and beside your products in the digital trade platforms of Royal FloraHolland. This makes you distinctive, as having quality products, especially if your test results are positive! Your customers can subscribe for free to 'Vase life tested' so they can examine and compare all of the published test results.

Flowering tests and benchmarks

In the Post-Harvest Knowledge Centre we conduct flowering tests for pot plants. We also organise regular benchmarking between different varieties. You can not only visit but also participate in them.

Customised tests

You are choosing for customised tests if you want a tailor-made test or want to have your product tested more often, for example in different periods of the season. You set the test frequency and specify the cultivars to be tested and the marketing simulation that best suits the content of the vase, transport and shop conditions for your product. You can arrange a subscription for this as an individual or as a group.
You determine whether your product and company name should appear on the test results or if you would rather remain anonymous.

You can turn to our Post-Harvest Knowledge Centre with any research question about the quality of your product. This could be research into longevity, maturity, pre-treatment, effect of sleeves and boxes, or flowering, ethylene sensitivity, Botrytis, temperature fluctuations and transport in water. Any kind of quality testing is possible. You receive valuable test results and practical advice.