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Chain advice

Do you want to be certain of the freshness of flowers and plants throughout the entire supply chain? The product quality chain advisors of Royal FloraHolland can support you with research and advice about the vase life/lifespan of your flowers and plants. This can increase the consumer value of your products in the chain.

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Your benefits

  • You improve the lifespan of your products.
  • You increase your customers' satisfaction with better quality guarantees.
  • You can advise your customers and monitor the chain quality.

What does it cost?

Research and advice about the lifespan/vase life of flowers and plants is often customised. The cost depends on your specific wishes. Request an estimate without obligations.

How does it work?

Our chain advisors are specialists in ways to improve the lifespan/vase life and quality of flowers and plants in the chain. You can turn to us for:

  • Post-harvest audits, dataloggers (temperature and humidity meters), cold storage audits and uncovering other problems in the logistics chain.
  • Questions and advice about improvements in treating the product, for example, post-harvest treatment, packaging, quality control, temperature and relative humidity during transport. We can also help with advice on ethylene sensitivity, temperature fluctuations or transport by water.
  • Testing and benchmarking new and existing varieties. The tests can be customised.
  • Independent 'post-harvest' testing (ISO 9001 certified) in all links of the horticultural chain, from harvest to shop display.
  • Flowering or lifespan tests. We have facilities for testing indoors and outdoors.
  • Training your staff, to improve their knowledge about:
    • Your product flows and their conditioning.
    • The cold chain of an order.
    • Acceptance testing of products at your company.
    • Familiarity with your assortment for new buyers and quality inspectors or ones from outside the sector.

We collaborate with the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture (Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie, LTO) in the Netherlands, the Association of Wholesalers in Flower Nursery Products (Vereniging van Groothandelaren in Bloemkwekerijproducten, VGB) and Wageningen UR (research university).