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Minimise your direct trade risks.

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Order risk advice

Do you want to gain insight into the risks of direct transactions and minimise them? With our Order risk advice, our advisors help you draw up and analyse contracts and terms and conditions. We also offer assistance in settling a dispute or claim, without damaging your business relationship. This way you minimise your financial risks and your business relationships remain sound because complaints and claims are handled professionally and efficiently.

Your benefits

  • Assistance from specialists who are knowledgeable about the market and experienced with handling complaints
  • You will recognise risky purchase and sales conditions. This way you limit your financial risks
  • Business relationships remain good because complaints and claims are handled professionally and efficiently

What does it cost?

If this relates to a Royal FloraHolland contract or Royal FloraHolland terms and conditions, legal advice and our support are always free. If changes have been made or if you have used your own terms and conditions, then fees will apply:

Rates 2020Member discount
Hourly rate for RFH terms and conditionsFree
Hourly rate (no RFH terms and conditions)€112€25

How does it work?

The experienced Order risk advisors at Royal FloraHolland have a lot of sector knowledge. They are specialised in the professional and efficient settlement of disputes related to selling via direct trade. These disputes could be conflicts with customers or other Royal FloraHolland growers.

With Order risk advice you minimise the risks with direct trade by asking us to:

Prepare or examine terms and conditions or contracts

  • We can draw up a contract for you based on Royal FloraHolland terms and conditions, supplemented with tailored requirements if requested.
  • If you have drawn up or changed a sales agreement or terms and conditions yourself, we can examine it and advise you on any improvements.
  • If you receive unclear terms and conditions, we will tell you what they mean for you specifically. You will know exactly what you are signing for and what your rights and obligations are.

Advice and support with complaints or claims
If you are receiving claims or complaints or have a complaint yourself, we will give you advice based on the agreements. The aim of our support is to find a solution that is acceptable for both parties.