Contract support

Do you suspect that the other party’s delivery arrangements (buyer or grower) aren’t clear? Or are you hesitant to agree with an order confirmation drawn up by the other party? The Order and Risk Advice department can support you in drawing up or assessing floriculture contracts and order confirmations in direct trade.

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Your benefits

  • Assistance in drawing up a contract, or in analysing a contract drawn up by another party.
  • Support in examining conditions (for delivery or otherwise) drawn up by the other party.
  • Advice on negotiating high-risk clauses in the contract or the conditions.

How does it works?

Royal FloraHolland's experienced Order Risk Advisors have sector expertise, and specialise in drawing up contracts under Royal FloraHolland conditions and examining contracts and/or order confirmations under different conditions. We advise you on how to start negotiations on the contract. The aim of this is to reach proper contract agreements, with both parties able to form a clear picture of the products to be delivered with risks that are comprehensible and tolerable for both parties.