Product complaints

Occasionally, a customer is dissatisfied with a purchase. This is unfortunate of course because you would rather have satisfied customers. The Product Complaints Department of Royal FloraHolland offers suppliers and their customers a simple, fast and professional handling of claims and checks whether a product complaint is justified. You only need to specify in the Product Complaints menu in My Royal FloraHolland how you want us to handle a complaint about your products. Thus, you lose little time dealing with a complaint and you do not damage your business relationships, even when your customer is dissatisfied occasionally.

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Your benefits

  • Fast, professional and simple handling of claims
  • A good business relationship, even if occasionally a product does not meet expectations
  • More attention paid to quality problems or deviations in supply

What does it cost?

You will find the rates for these services under 'Other supply rates', on the page:

How does it work?

A customer discovers that the quality or grading of a purchased lot of products does not match what he expected on the basis of the product specifications in the supply information. The customer can then submit a product complaint. Within two hours, one of our employees checks whether the complaint is justified. On the 'Product complaints' menu on My Royal FloraHolland, you can specify how Royal FloraHolland should deal with complaints about your products:

  1. In the first section you specify how Royal FloraHolland should handle a product complaint from a customer. Would you like to be informed by telephone as well as e-mail? Or would you like to receive a photo of the lot in question? And if the product complaint is justified and the purchase agreement is annulled, do you want the products auctioned a second time or returned to you?
  2. In the second section you state whether or not you will allow price corrections if the customer is willing. If you allow a price correction, you can decide to deal with it by telephone yourself or authorise the Product Complaints Department to do so on your behalf. Do not forget to fill in the telephone number at which you can be reached to agree any price corrections. International growers can also state in the menu the name and telephone number of their authorised handling company or agent. Do not forget to revise the details when you switch to working with another handling company.

Menu not completed

If you do not inform us of your wishes, Royal FloraHolland will use the standard feedback procedure for product complaints via e-mail and without a photo. If the complaint is justified and the sale is annulled, your products will be auctioned a second time. You decide yourself about a possible price correction.

Incidental deviation from your choice

You can always deviate occasionally from the preferences you specified in the menu under the condition that your respond promptly by telephone to the e-mail from the Product Complaints Department. Promptly means within 90 minutes after a product complaint and before 16:00 on the day that you receive the e-mail.

Sale is annulled

If the complaint is justified and the customer does not want to keep the lot, then the Product Complaints staff member will take it back. You can then:

  • Have your product auctioned (again)
  • Have your product collected at your expense
  • Have your product disposed of according to the applicable rules

Price corrections

If the complaint is justified and both you and the customer are willing to come to an agreement on a price correction, then the customer will contact you by telephone, unless you have specified that the Product Complaints Department or your agent can handle the price correction on your behalf. Together with the customer, you agree a price correction. You can inform Royal FloraHolland of this correction in two ways:

  • Your customer submits the completed reinspection form to the Product Complaints Department. One of its staff members checks with you by telephone whether you have agreed to this. If you have, the Product Complaints Department handles the administration of the price correction.
  • You commission Royal FloraHolland to implement the administration of the price correction. You send the request to the location where the lot was auctioned. Each location has its own form for this purpose.

Hidden faults

If a discrepancy is discovered after 16:00, there is a chance that it is a "hidden defect". The buyer can report this to the Product Reclamation Department. One of our employees will contact you within two hours regarding further handling. We ask that you bring the product to one of the auction locations so that the defect can be assessed by an employee.


There are conditions attached to the product advertising of products purchased through Buy At A Distance (KOA). This is because some product characteristics or defects can be negatively affected by transportation or storage.