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Non- and early auction days

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Auctioning an hour earlier on the busiest days means the clocks and our logistics process start earlier. This creates the opportunity to deliver your transactions to buyers earlier on busy auction days. That's good news for your customers.

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Non-auction days 2023

Here is an overview of non-auction days in 2023 for our export locations.
Easter MondayMonday10 April15
King's DayThursday27 April17
Ascension DayThursday18 May20
Whit MondayMonday29 May22
Christmas DayMonday25 December52
Boxing DayTuesday26 December52
The premise is that, as in previous years, there will be high-quality logistical services (particularly fulfilment of direct trade and logistic supplies) for suppliers and customers on days when there is no auction

Early auction days 2023

Six early auction days have been designated for 2023. On these days, we will start auctioning at export locations an hour earlier for both flowers and plants.
Tuesday11 april15Busy Tuesday After Easter

Monday24 April17Busy Monday in the week of King's Day (non-auction day)
Monday8 May19Busy Monday for Mother's Day in the Netherlands
Monday15 May20Busy Monday, in the week of Ascension Day (non-auction day)
Monday22 May21Busy Monday, in the week after Ascension Day and before Pentecost

Tuesday30 May22Tuesday After Pentecost
Labour market tightness is expected to persist, and the period around the public holidays traditionally still peaks in terms of workload. If it turns out that an early auction day isn’t necessary after all, this will be communicated no later than four weeks in advance.

There is an additional possibility for logistics to announce maximum 2 additional early auction days. This gives flexibility to scale up if service provision comes under pressure.
If this is taken advantage of, we will communicate this no later than four weeks in advance.