Image bank

With representative photos you present your product optimally to your customers and you advance further in your personal digitisation process. Place your product photos in the Image bank of Royal FloraHolland so your customers can easily transfer your photos to their own webshop. This adds to your reputation as a reliable supplier and expands your marketing possibilities.

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Your benefits

  • Save and manage your product photos in one place
  • Easily reuse your product photos
  • Improved customer satisfaction by making representative product photos available

What does it cost?

Use of the Image bank is free of charge.

How does it work?

Royal FloraHolland wants to improve the reliability of the information at the clock and no longer auctions lots without a product photo. In addition, customers can submit complaints based on incorrect product photos to Royal FloraHolland. That is why it is extremely important to ensure you have representative product photos. Good photos make your product more attractive to an increasingly expanding virtual market. You are also responding to the development of a national virtual clock and a modern 24/7 online transaction platform. As digitalisation continues to progress, reliable supply information and representative product photos are a must!

In the Image bank of Royal FloraHolland, all product photos from all suppliers are stored centrally. Purchasing customers can also use these photos for their own sales processes, for example in their webshop.

You can place your product photos yourself in the Image bank and via your EDF software package. It automatically saves your product photos in the Image bank, you do not have to take any action yourself.