Continuous auction

Naturally, you want to earn the greatest profit with your products, for the lowest cost. With the Continuous auction service, you can supply one lot of flowers in several deliveries and still auction them as one lot, for example, if they don't all fit in one truck. That usually promotes a better price-setting.

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Your benefits

  • Efficient loading of your trucks.
  • Positive price-setting.
  • Easily arranged in advance by e-mail or telephone.

We can prepare an estimate without obligations for you.

How does it work?

With the Continuous auction service, you can have your products auctioned one after another, even if it takes several deliveries in one day to get them to a Royal FloraHolland location. Once the entire supply has arrived, your products will be placed together in the relevant auction block.

When you want to use this service for the first time, you must notify the location in question. To make use of Continuous auction, you must supply at least 20 load carriers.

To be positioned one after another ready for the auction, all of your supply for Continuous auction must have arrived at our location by 02:00. The first trolley of your separate deliveries must be clearly labelled with the recognisability form for Continuous auction.