Guidelines collecting and returning of packaging

For the collecting and returning of packaging, we have defined standard guidelines.

Always announce collecting or returning packaging

Would you like to return or collect your packaging? You always announce this digitally and easily in advance via Packaging Online.

Checklist returning packaging

For the returning of packaging, we have defined standard guidelines that include the following.

  • You need a packaging pass to return packaging at our three export locations (Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg). And you can always announce your intake digitally and easily in advance via Packaging Online.
  • Return packaging with 3 shelves on the base.
  • Plastic packaging: always return them completely empty. Packaging with any remaining water will not be accepted.
  • Never use tape, tape or paint on the packaging. This also applies to support racks.
  • Normpack stickers: only stick them on the designated place.
  • Packaging worn out? Please return it separately. It is then for our account.
  • Multiple boxes: always return them completely empty. We do not accept boxes with rubbish or leftover flowers.
  • Returning multiple boxes? Please place them horizontally with the cover facing upwards, otherwise we cannot accept them. Please note: we only collect complete sets with covers and bases.
  • Plastic hooks: do not push these in or through the cardboard. This is dangerous for users and it damages the boxes.
  • It is not permitted to hand in packaging on auction trolleys with more or less than three fixed shelves. We refuse to accept these auction trolleys when they are taken in.

When do you receive no or partial reimbursement after returning packaging?

  • When plastic packaging has clearly been painted or sprayed, wrongly or excessively stickered or has melted.
  • When packaging is in poor condition due to improper use so that reuse is not possible.
  • When several boxes are wet, or have been wet.
  • When boxes are damaged by plastic hooks that have been pushed into or through the cardboard.
  • Sticky and damaged multiple boxes.

Your location may have specific collection rules on top of these. Check each location.

Checklist packaging collection

Do you want to know the guidelines for collecting packaging? Each location has its own checklist. We have compiled them by location.