Conditions of use auction trolleys

You can collect and return trolleys at all auction locations. We have imposed certain conditions on the use of the trolleys.

The auction trolleys belong to all of us. If you see anything suspicious, such as trolleys left outside the auction premises without a lock plate, or trolleys being used incorrectly, please report this via Together we can keep the auction trolley pool in good order.

Return of trolleys

Always return used trolleys in a clean state and linked together.

Improper use of auction trolleys

According to the General Terms and Conditions for Auction Trolleys (article 3.1), auction trolleys are intended exclusively for the transportation of Products and/or Packaging for which the transactions have been or will be settled through Royal FloraHolland. Improper use refers to any use of the auction trolleys that is not connected to the primary processes in relation to ornamental plants or flowers. This includes storage of products that are not floriculture-related, such as TVs, household goods and car tires, or loading with non-recyclable or unsorted waste. Even if you pay Internal Overnight Rental or have a box contract, this does not allow for incorrect use.

Use outside the auction premises

Auction trolleys may only be used outside auction premises if they are fitted with a lock plate. You or your transporter are required to inspect auction trolleys for damage before taking them. Broken auction trolleys or auction trolleys with too many or too few shelves may not leave the auction building. The duty of inspection is included in our General Terms and Conditions for auction Trolleys.

Whether used inside or outside auction premises, auction trolleys are intended exclusively for the transportation of products and/or packaging for which the transactions have been or will be settled through Royal FloraHolland. Auction trolleys may not be used for internal processes that are not connected with Royal FloraHolland; for example, to grow vegetable cuttings or for internal relocations.

Do not remove fixed shelves

Auction trolleys come with three standard shelves (also named trays), which can be placed at different heights. Never remove fixed shelves from the auction trolley. This generates considerable repair costs and causes damage to the shelves and the retaining cable. As a result the distribution process in the chain is disrupted. The sanctions policy of Royal FloraHolland applies to the removal and separation of shelves.

Sanction policy for auction trolleys and shelves

In order to optimize the quality and the availability of these supplies, we have drawn up rules governing their use. One of the components is the sanction policy for auction trolleys and shelves.

Be economical with trolleys in the peak period

We kindly ask you to be economical with trolleys during the spring supply peak. We maximise the supply of our trolleys in this period by carrying out repairs faster, efficiently loading packages, and imposing the internal overnight hiring scheme. Daily truck deliveries also ensure an even distribution of trolleys among the locations.

Broken auction trolleys

Is the triangle on the trolley broken, are trolley shelves bent or are there other defects? Then hang a yellow defect label on the broken auction trolley. Yellow defect labels can be found in the supply area at all locations. A defect label looks like this (see photo).

Secure the label through the lock plate holder. This makes the defective trolley easily recognisable. Royal FloraHolland will then take the trolley to its workplace for repair. Do you have a defective trolley, but there are no defect labels available? Then please inform a Royal FloraHolland employee.

Do you have a defective trolley with a lock plate? Then you can have it removed by a Royal FloraHolland employee (a technician).

Duty of inspection for auction trolleys

When picking up auction trolleys at a Royal FloraHolland location, you as a user have a duty of inspection. Only take auction trolleys with you that have three standard shelves and leave any trolleys with an incorrect number of shelves behind. The duty of inspection is included in our General Terms and Conditions for Auction Trolleys.