Invoices and statements

You will receive a product bill, service invoice, weekly statement, payment specification and a monthly statement. We put the differences for you in a row.

Product statement

You receive this statement containing all clock and direct trade transactions every afternoon around 14:00. It specifies the revenue from your products, minus the auction charges and the VAT. The packaging collection is also given on the product statement.

For transactions sold via Clock Presales, a V and the name of the customer are stated in the specification. The other sales on the Product Invoice are regular clock sales.

Services invoice

Once a week you receive the services invoice (on Thursday). Those Royal FloraHolland services you used are charged in this document. These services do not fall under the auction regulations. The VAT imposed can be deducted on your VAT returns.

You will receive a service invoice for amounts from 30 euros. Transactions below 30 euros are saved and as soon as the amount totals 30 euros or above, you will receive a service invoice. All transactions are processed on the final service invoice of the financial year. In that case the service invoice may be less than 30 euros.

Payment specification

The payment specification (issued on Wednesday) contains the product statements and the services invoice for a particular week. The revenues from the Eelde and Rhein-Maas locations are also included. If you have provided a debit mandate to a collective transporter or import processor, then these settlements will also appear on the payment specification.

Weekly statement

The weekly statement (issued on Friday afternoon) bundles your five product statements. The services invoice is also included. The cumulative review of your revenue and charges up to and including that week is given in a separate column. You can use the weekly statement to update your accounting. If you no longer wish to receive a weekly statement, cancel your registration via My Royal FloraHolland, Financial statements.

Monthly statement

The monthly statement contains all your revenue and services for the entire month. You can register for it via My Royal FloraHolland, Financial statements.

Monthly statement