Financial statements

Our financial overviews give you insight into all your income and expenses through Royal FloraHolland. So you can check or update your bookkeeping in one go. That gives you peace of mind and saves time. You choose whether you want to receive your financial statements weekly or monthly. You will also automatically receive a free annual statement for each auction location.


Your benefits

  • A single statement provides insight into all your revenue gained and costs incurred via Royal FloraHolland.
  • It saves time: you can input all your entries from the one statement in one session.
  • It is easy to check your accounting.

What does it cost?

The financial weekly, monthly and annual statements are free of charge.

How does it work?

The financial statement contains all the information about your transactions clearly laid out. The weekly and monthly statements incorporate all direct trade, clock and services invoices. You have a direct insight into how much you have earned for your products and what the costs are for using our services in that period. VAT is included. There are also the cumulative sums for the year in the statement.

The financial weekly and monthly statement are created for each administration number. You receive your financial statement(s) at the same e-mail address at which you receive your invoices. Plus your financial statement(s) can always be accessed in Statement online.

  • The weekly statement arrives every Friday*
  • The monthly statement arrives on the last workday of the month*
  • The annual statement for each location arrives automatically at the end of the year

*Clock purchases at the Eelde and Rhein-Maas auction locations are not included in these statements.