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Set your own minimum price

Collective minimum prices to be phased out by 2024

The current system of collective VBN minimum clock prices is outdated and has hardly any function, as actual clock prices have been much higher for years. Therefore, in consultation with all FPCs, we have phased out the collective minimum price per 2024. From now on, you can specify your own individual minimum price.

What are the benefits of an individual minimum price?

With an individual grower minimum price, you set your own minimum price per lot. You determine the lowest price you will still accept for your flowers and/or plants, taking into account your cost price and strategy. If the clock price falls below this minimum price, the product will be withdrawn. An individual minimum price allows you to respond to market movements in a way that suits you.

How do I set a minimum price?

When creating a new auction letter, you simply set your individual minimum price. This can be done through Floriday or the software package you use. As a grower, you set your own minimum price per lot. If the clock price comes below this, the product will be withdrawn.
The name for "minimum price" is slightly different for various software suppliers. If it is not clear or visible in your current software package, please contact your software supplier.
From 1 January, 2024, if no individual minimum price is included when the auction letter is created, it will default to €0,01.

Frequently asked questions

Is the grower minimum price a recommended price?

No, the minimum price is not a recommended price. The grower minimum price is the minimum price you want to receive on the clock. Note! If the clock price goes below that, the products will be withdrawn. It is up to the grower what price he attaches to this.

I accidentally entered the minimum price incorrectly. The auction letter has already been sent. Can I still adjust this?

Depending on your software package this can possibly be changed. However, if an Auction pre-sales transaction has already taken place and/or has been scanned by RFH Logistics for receipt, this is no longer possible. The advice then is to contact your auctioneer as soon as possible. The auctioneer can drop the minimum price (if the price is too high), but not adjust it.

How do I determine my minimum price?

How you determine the best minimum price is up to you. It depends on your business strategy. For example, do you look at your minimum cost price (+), or do you consciously use it commercially with Auction pre-sales, etcetera. These kinds of choices are up to you.

Pilot Pot Orchid and Carnation

Last summer, we started a pilot with FPCs Potorchidee and Carnation. This allowed us to experience together how setting a minimum price works in practice. The evaluation revealed valuable points that we have now incorporated. For example, you can now save the minimum price as 'default' in Floriday, so you don't have to fill it in every time.