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Potweb wins Greenovation Award 2023

November 7, 2023

Greenovation 2023
Controlling pot worm in an environmentally friendly way when growing Phalaenopsis orchids: with Potweb, it can be done. A consortium of four companies - Levoplant, Ter Laak, Opti-flor and Solvent Engineering - has won the Greenovation Award 2023 with this unique invention.

Royal FloraHolland CEO Steven van Schilfgaarde congratulated . van ... on winning the award for the best sustainable innovation of the year. Environmentally friendly control with Potweb
For years, potworm has been a serious threat to Phalaenopsis cultivation. This is because the Lyprauta mosquito lays its eggs in the bark, and the larvae (potworms) that hatch from them attack the root tips, leading to significant losses during the growing process.

Potweb counteracts this problem. The material, which is as thin as pantyhose, is mechanically stretched over the pot and is impenetrable to mosquitoes. In this way, no chemical pesticides need to be used: it is a completely ecological method of control. An additional advantage is that the chain and the consumer are no longer bothered by bark that can fall out of the pot. The plants can even be transported lying down. In some cases, this results in savings in loading volume and thus transport costs. Judgement of the jury
The professional jury and the public together determine the winners. Both have a 50% share in the final assessment. This year, the professional jury included Quincy von Bannisseht (Glastuinbouw Nederland), Elise Wieringa (Royal Lemkes) and Maarten Bánki (Royal FloraHolland).

From the jury report, "Potweb is a great example of a practical solution to a cultivation problem, which delivers immediate environmental benefits. Chemical pesticide use is a topical and important issue in the sector. This innovation shows how it can be done differently. It is also another fruitful collaboration of growers and their supplier."Numbers 2 and 3
For places 2 and 3, it was hard to choose from several interesting entries. In place 2 ended Gova BV, with their peat-free Laurus Nobilis. The judges thought the peat-free assortment was a great example of a market-oriented solution. "Gova BV explains well how these renewable fibers are obtained from local crops and waste streams, and is also willing to share knowledge about peat-free growing with other growers."

Third place went to Eco Flowerbox FECT from Paardekooper Group (Dillewijn Zwapak / Broekhof). The jury said, "This is a beautiful, circular plastic application that reduces one-time packaging in floriculture logistics. The material consists of 100% recycled plastic. This provides an early response to the EU packaging legislation coming into force in 2030, which requires all packaging to consist of at least 35% recycled material."
About the Greenovation Award
We look back on a successful presentation and would like to thank all participants for their contribution. Royal FloraHolland calls upon the sector to continue to stimulate these innovations. Sustainability is and remains an important theme within the floriculture sector and despite all the innovations there is still room for improvement in this area. Does your company also focus on sustainability and are you busy innovating? Perhaps you are eligible to be nominated for the Greenovation Award next year. Keep an eye on our website and socials!