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One uniform letter for direct trade

October 23, 2023

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Since 1 October this year, there has been one uniform letter for direct trade (CONNECT trade) through Floriday. This applies to all Royal FloraHolland hubs. With this, Floriday is working towards a single standard for the floriculture industry. The new uniform letter can accommodate up to 16 lots. It eliminates the need for printing out multiple letters. This will enable growers and buyers to jointly reduce paper consumption within the sector.
The aspiration to work towards a uniform letter for the floriculture sector has been in the making for some time. Because each software package generated a unique letter for its user, it resulted in a multitude of different letters for auctions, carriers and buyers with various types of barcodes. Given that each user has their own preferences and requirements in this and the letter had a considerable impact on the chain, making it uniform was a huge challenge. This process had therefore been delayed until recently.

Henceforth, one letter per cart

Because the letters are generated in or through the Floriday platform, Floriday saw it as an opportunity to work with one uniform letter, with one unique barcode. When designing the uniform letter, Floriday immediately took into account the industry's wishes, such as the option of being able to put more than five lots on one letter. As a result - when the buyer uses the correct setting - only one letter per cart will need to be printed instead of multiple letters.

Saving paper with the right trade setting

The new letter can accommodate up to 16 lots. As a buyer, would you also like to have up to 16 lots on your letter and can your software package handle it? Then set the trade setting for this to 'on'. If you don't turn on the trade setting, you'll still receive the new letter, but with a maximum of 5 lots. By activating this trade setting, you will be able to save a huge amount of paper. Because 16 lots can be shown on the letter following activation, we as an industry end up saving up to 659,142 sheets of paper a year!

As a buyer, do you also want to contribute to less paper consumption?

Then make sure your trade setting is correct, and you will also get a maximum of 16 lots on the letter henceforth.