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There are guidelines for returning packaging.

Call us in advance

Please always call Royal FloraHolland Zuid packaging return as soon as you have the packaging ready according to the guidelines. The staff member for packaging will then visit you.

Additional mobile packaging return guidelines

Several additional guidelines apply to mobile returns, in order to ensure a smooth and efficient process for you as a customer and our employees:

  • Always register your packaging online in advance.
  • Provide one packaging code per full stacking trolley.
  • Connect the full trolleys of packaging per packaging code in a row.
  • We do not accept trolleys with a slanted or protruding tray.
  • Wrap trolleys with multiple flower packaging with tape.
  • If the packaging handed in is not in good condition (see auction regulations art. 22), we will take your packaging, but you will not receive any compensation. partial or otherwise.

Opening hours

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