Frequently asked questions Packaging Online

You will find the answers to frequently asked questions about our Packaging Online service on this page.

How do I activate the new Royal FloraHolland Packaging Online web application?

Royal Flora Holland QR code fust online
QR code fust online
  • Type this link into the address bar on your mobile phone: For the PC this link is not the right format. Fust Online is a web application developed for the mobile phone (Apple or Android). The Webview application is available for making advance announcements on the PC.
  • Scan the QR code below with the camera of your mobile telephone or with a QR scanner app. This code will take you to the updated Packaging Online quickly and easily.

Is this web application available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store?

No. This web application is not yet available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Will the current Packaging Online App remain in place?

No. On Sunday 27 June, 24.00 hrs, the current App will go offline and advance notice of packaging orders and returns will only be possible through the updated Packaging Online web application.

How do I add the updated web application to the home screen of my mobile phone?

In the case of an Android device, a pop-up will appear below so you can easily add the application to the home screen. You will find the method for iPhones in the main menu of the web application under 'Help'.

Will the method in the updated web application change compared to the current Packaging Online App?

No. The functionalities and methods do not change. The way you are used to making advance notices now will therefore remain the same. We have only made small improvements to the appearance of the 'screens'.

Why is Royal FloraHolland developing a new Packaging Online web application?

This is being done in order to continue guaranteeing the stability of the Packaging Online service in the future. The new Packaging Online web application will no longer be part of the 'Logistic supplies' module within the Royal FloraHolland app. It is a separate, stand-alone web application.

Is using Fust Online mandatory?

Yes, as of 1 January, 2020, the use of Fust Online will be mandatory for customers (growers, buyers and import processors) who collect packaging at the packaging store and return the packaging themselves (fixed and mobile returns).

Do I need a subscription in order to use Packaging Online?

Yes, you need a subscription to use Packaging Online. This subscription is free. You can sign up via My Royal FloraHolland. You can find more information on our website:

I do not have an account in the My Royal FloraHolland environment yet. How do I create one?

Go to and click 'Log In' in the top right corner. You can gain access to the My Royal FloraHolland environment via 'Request a new account'.

How do I activate the service Packaging Online?

Before you can use Packaging Online, you must activate the 'Packaging return and collection ' service (once only) through My Royal FloraHolland.

Complete the following steps once to activate the service:

  • Go to
  • Log in via 'My Royal FloraHolland'
  • Under 'My services', click 'Available services' and add the 'Packaging collection and return' service (not to be confused with 'Logistic Supplies Online')
  • Then, under 'Start web services', click 'Packaging collection and return'. After this, you will automatically be directed to the new packaging system Packaging Online
  • We activate the Fust Online service within two working days (applicable for webview). After this you can announce online packaging for intake and issue.

You can find the manuals/instruction videos at

Can I also make the Packaging Online service available to an employee without being able to use the other services in the Royal FloraHolland App?

Yes. You can use the menu 'Extra Accounts' for this. You can find this menu under 'My details' in My Royal FloraHolland. In this menu, you can specify for each employee which services are made available to them.

You can find the manuals/instruction videos at

How do I add other employees in service Packaging Online?

You can only add employees if you are the administrator of the main account. If you want to activate employees for Webview and/or the App, follow the instructions in the manual.

Is Fust Online available to anyone?

You can only add employees as an administrator of the main account. If you want to activate employees for the Fust Online service, follow the instructions in the manual at

Does the use of packaging receipt booklet stop?

Yes, we will stop using the packaging receipt booklet. Of course, you will receive a digital transaction form by e-mail.

Do you still have complete packaging receipt booklet left for the Naaldwijk location? You can hand them in at the lock plate counter in Naaldwijk and we will credit the costs to you.