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Disclaimer and conditions of use

Here you will find the disclaimer and the conditions of use for the Royal FloraHolland website.


The website www.royalfloraholland.com is property of the Coöperatie Royal FloraHolland U.A., with its registered office in Aalsmeer in the Netherlands, registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 34284016, (hereinafter: 'Royal FloraHolland').

Applicable conditions

The terms and conditions from the 'Auction Regulations' and these terms and conditions of use shall apply to every obligation with Royal FloraHolland, including the use of its websites. The applicability of general terms and conditions of third parties, including users of a service or facility of Royal FloraHolland, is explicitly excluded. When using a service or facility of Royal FloraHolland, additional 'General Terms and Conditions‘ may apply to the service or facility concerned. The Auction Regulations and the General Terms and Conditions can be viewed and downloaded via the shortcuts. In the event of conflict between the terms and conditions of a specific service and the Royal FloraHolland Auction Regulations, the terms and conditions of the relevant service shall prevail. In the event of a discrepancy or differences of interpretation between Dutch-language versions of this disclaimer and/or the aforementioned terms and conditions and versions in other languages, the Dutch-language version is guiding and decisive at all times.

Information, products and services of third parties

If Royal FloraHolland displays hyperlinks or references to websites of third parties, this does not mean that FloraHolland recommends or has verified the products or services offered on or via these websites. Such hyperlinks or references to websites of third parties are included exclusively for information and their use is entirely at the user's own risk.

Intellectual property rights and use

Royal FloraHolland holds and reserves all intellectual property rights regarding all information offered on or via this and other FloraHolland websites It is only permitted to print and/or download this information for personal use.

It is not permitted without prior written permission from Royal FloraHolland:

  • to publish, distribute or reproduce information on this website in any way;
  • to display links to Royal FloraHolland websites;
  • to process the information for commercial use.

It is not permitted to compromise the performance of Royal FloraHolland’s website, to affect the information provided or underlying software and/or to bother other internet users.

Cookies and personal information

Royal FloraHolland does not place any so-called ‘third-party cookies'. Royal FloraHolland may only register and read the login and surfing behaviour of website users on peripheral equipment for the purpose of improving the services of Royal FloraHolland itself and to combat improper use. By using the website, you agree to the registration and processing of your (personal) data by Royal FloraHolland in order to be able to check for improper use.

Online communication

Messages that you send by email to Royal FloraHolland may not be secure. If you choose to send messages to Royal FloraHolland by email, you accept the risk that third parties may intercept, misuse or alter these messages.


Royal FloraHolland is exclusively liable for damage caused by intent or deliberate recklessness. FloraHolland’s liability shall be limited to the amount that the insurance company pays out in the case concerned and otherwise for direct damage up to a maximum of €500,000 per incident. Royal FloraHolland shall never be liable for indirect damage or loss of profit, unless there is a statutory liability that cannot be excluded.

In addition to and notwithstanding the foregoing, Royal FloraHolland does not accept any liability for any damage arising from:

a) defects, viruses or other deficiencies of equipment and other software related to access to or use of Royal FloraHolland’s websites;
b) the functioning or non-availability of the websites concerned;
c) the downloading or use of software that is made available via these websites;
d) misuse of these websites;
e) loss of data;
e) the interception, alteration or improper use of information that is sent to Royal FloraHolland or to you, the visitor or user of the website(s);
f) the information that is provided on or via these website(s).

This exclusion from liability also extends to directors and employees of Royal FloraHolland.

Applicable law

Dutch law applies exclusively to the Royal FloraHolland websites and to this disclaimer. The applicability of the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded.

Any disputes arising from or related to this disclaimer will be presented exclusively to the competent judge in the Netherlands.


FloraHolland reserves the right to amend the information presented on or via this and other Royal FloraHolland websites at any time, including the text of this disclaimer, without further notice. A periodic review is recommended to determine whether the information presented on or via these websites has been amended, including the text of this disclaimer. Royal FloraHolland is not liable for any consequences of amendments.

Complaints, undesired communication

Complaints can be submitted via the Customer Contact Center on telephone number +31 (0)88 789 89 89 or via Service and Contact. Natural persons can report to the Customer Service that they do not want to receive unsolicited electronic communications from Royal FloraHolland about other services other than those for which they have registered.

Final provisions

No rights can be derived by users from the information provided on the website of Royal FloraHolland Access to a Royal FloraHolland service and any rights arising therefrom are non-transferable. If there is an ‘I agree’ link or button on a Royal FloraHolland website, you thereby declare that you agree with:

  • the provisions in the Auction Regulations, and;
  • this disclaimer and terms and conditions of use, and;
  • the applicable terms and conditions for the service concerned, and; the electronic or digital provision of general terms and conditions by Royal FloraHolland.