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The Glazen Tulp Award

Innovations in the spotlight

The Glazen Tulp Award will take place again! This Oscar-worthy award goes to the best market introduction in the floriculture sector. And you help determine who takes off with one of these prizes.

Do you have an innovative product or concept?
Apply yout novelty product
Everything you grow with passion, you market with care. That certainly applies to the introduction of novelties and concepts. As a buyer you can also distinguish yourself with the latest products. That is why we highlight new products and innovations. With the Glazen Tulp Award as the icing on the cake.

The Glazen Tulp Award goes to the best market introduction in these five categories:
  • Cut Flowers
  • Concepts
  • Green Houseplants
  • Flowering Houseplants
  • Garden Plants

These are the 2022-2023 finalists

The finalists for the Glass Tulip 2022-2023 are known! You have already been able to spot them during the Trade Fair Aalsmeer. Did you miss this or want to watch them again. In the videos below, we introduce the finalists once more.

Want to read all about the finalists at your ease?
On Thursday 15 December 2022, the finals will take place and we will know who the winners are. Save this date!

Second voting round

The second digital voting round also saw massive voting by buyers and sellers for their favorite novelties.

Royal Flora Holland Mad about Mangave Blazing Saddles 15

First voting round

Earlier this year people could vote for their favorite novelties. These are the contenders for the Glazen Tulp Award.

Royal Flora Holland Glazen Tulp Mais Zea Japonica

Winners Glazen Tulp Award 2022

Who took the winners Glazen Tulp Award 2022 last year? In December 2021, there was no live ceremony, but an online countdown.

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