Packaging returning at Rijnsburg

The returning of packaging is subject to guidelines which helps us ensure that the quality of the packaging improves for everyone. And that we generate fewer costs in the chain.

Packaging card

You will always need a packaging card to have packaging collected. Have you ordered your packaging card yet?

Packaging to be returned should be reported to the Packaging Online service.

Always announce collecting or returning packaging

Would you like to return or collect your packaging? You always announce this digitally and easily in advance via Packaging Online.

What is Packaging Online?

Via Packaging Online you can easily order packaging and announce returns digitally. You also have insight into your packaging transactions up to three months after the transaction. You decide how to announce your transactions - via the online application (Webview) in 'My Royal FloraHolland' or on your PC or via the Royal FloraHolland web application.

How to return packaging

If you want to return packaging and have it collected, please follow the procedure below for fast and correct handling:

  • Packaging to be returned should be reported to the Packaging Online service via the computer (Webview application) or the Royal FloraHolland app.
  • The auction employee from LDK (Logistic Services for Customers) will see your notification on the handheld scanner and will come over to you.
  • This LDK employee will scan your packaging card, check the quantities and packaging codes, and read the packaging for collection digitally with the handheld scanner.
  • If you and the LDK employee both agree with the quantities and packaging codes on the handheld scanner, this person will scan your packaging card once more and the collection will be finalized. By allowing this scan to take place, you approve the transaction and the associated financial settlement.
  • Please take care to always first check the quantities entered, together with the LDK employee, as subsequent claims will no longer be possible once approval has been given.
  • In the case of deviations, count the packaging again with the LDK employee, after which the LDK employee can enter the correct quantities.
  • After finalizing the collection, you will receive confirmation by email stating the quantities of the packaging units returned.

We no longer work with paper receipts. All packaging returns are registered digitally using the handheld scanner.

Guidelines returning packaging

We request you to return the packaging in separate towed trolleys:

  • One towed trolley with boxes.
  • One towed trolley with non-rinseable packaging.
  • One towed trolley with rinseable packaging.


Logistics resources section (previously called packaging): the entrance to the desk is in the L3 area. The location is given on the signboards on the premises.

Opening hours packaging shop

Monday to Friday6,00 am - 4.30 pm

To use this service, always phone +31 71 4094910 upon arrival.