Claims mediation

Have you received products not complying with the agreements made, or the grower is unable to deliver? Or the grower informed you that it holds you liable for its losses, since you failed to purchase as agreed? The Order and Risk Advice department can support you in the event of conflicts, or provide advice on rights and obligations with disputes in direct trade.

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Your benefits

  • Help in formulating responses or proposals for reaching a solution.
  • From specialists well-acquainted with the market and Royal FloraHolland.
  • With support in being taken seriously by the other party being paramount.

What does it cost?

In case of a Royal FloraHolland contract or Royal FloraHolland terms and conditions, our legal advice and our support are always free. If changes have been made or if you have used your own terms and conditions, then fees will apply.

How does it works?

Royal FloraHolland's experienced Order Risk Advisors have sector expertise, and specialise in efficiently settling disputes relating to selling through direct trade. Based on the agreements made, you receive advice on how to lodge a complaint with the other party, or how to respond to a complaint received. The aim of this is to reach a solution acceptable for both parties.