Mark supply with your smartphone in FloraMondo

Do you want to be sure that you are buying the product at auction that you have actually seen with your own eyes? Then use your smartphone to mark the auction lots that are of interest to you while viewing the auction supply. You will then be automatically notified when your lot comes up for auction. This saves you time and stress.

Are you interested?
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What does it cost?

The use of the scanning function in Floramondo is not free of charge. The cost of a subscription to Mark Supply with the (Floramondo) app is on the Customer rates page under ‘Other customer rates’.

How does it work?

  • Step 1. Open the browser on your phone and navigate to FloraMondo.
  • Step 2. The first time you log in, you will be asked to add FloraMondo to your home screen.
    • In this way you will create a shortcut to navigate directly to FloraMondo the next time.
    • Next, choose the hamburger menu.
  • Step 3. From this menu choose Scan
  • Step 4. If you haven't selected a buyer yet, please do this first. Now you see the scanning screen.
    • Scan de barcode of the letter. After a successful scan, the result is shown.
  • Step 5: Select the required lot(s) and click on Mark. You will then automatically return to the scanning screen for the next scan.

While viewing the lots, scan the barcode on the delivery note of the preferred lot. The details are transmitted to your own workstation (via Remote Buying). You will be notified before this lot is auctioned.

There is Wi-Fi coverage in the cold stores on location (RFH-EXT). The password for this free-of-charge service in 2022 = Begonia_2022!

There is also 3G/4G coverage. However, the signal can be considerably weaker in the cold stores. Therefore, we recommend using our Wi-Fi service in the cold stores. If you don’t have a good connection, you can still continue to scan. Your scans will then be held in a queue.

You can mark supply for your KOA workstations and/or the auction rooms of all locations.

Handy information

Turn off the automatic tilting of your phone before scanning for optimal scan display.
If you use an Apple Device, you can apply the following setting so that camera permission is not requested for each scan:
  • Settings->Safari-> Camera-> Allow (This only works for iOS version 13 and above).

Adjust settings - Extra Account in FloraMondo

  1. Log in to the main account of the company on My Royal
  2. On the bottom right you will see “My Details”
  3. Under “My Details” click on “Extra Accounts”
  4. Now click on the user-id of the employee you want to modify
  5. Click Modify in the employee screen under “Account has access to the following services”
  6. To mark supply in KOA, place tick marks at:
    1. FloraMondo (Mark supply through FloraMondo)
    2. FloraMondo (auction supply)
    3. FloraMondo (auction for sales) Please note! This is optional. If an employee or customer is not authorised, do not check this option!
  7. Then click “Save”
  8. All done