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With EKT-Online you always have access to your clock transactions from the last five auction days. You can request and download a loading list. But for customers with an EKT subscription it is also possible to download a free backup file in the so-called JSON format that can be read into the ERP software.

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Your benefits

  • You always have your clock purchases (loading lists) to hand, wherever you are.
  • Request overviews and EKT back-up of the last five auction days.
  • Extensive filter options for loading lists and EKT back-up.
  • You arrange the columns yourself.
  • More stable backup for your EKT messages than with Resend Messaging.
  • Back-up EKTs no longer via e-mail but via an API.
  • Filter options before making an EKT backup.

What does it cost?

This service is free of charge. Customers with an EKT subscription automatically get access to create a free EKT backup file (API).

How does it works?

EKT-online is a website that is opened from My, on the site (application) you can request a complete overview, but you can also filter on:

  • Date: Clock transactions of the last five auction days
  • Time from and time to
  • Auction location
  • Clock (by location)
  • Product

The service can be connected by the main user from My It is possible to give a sub-account access, the sub-user sees all clock transactions of all administration numbers.

You can activate EKT-Online by logging in as main user on My Royal

Then go to “Services”, “Services catalogue” under the heading Marketplace you will find the EKT Online service.