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FloraMondo Auction presales

Your buyers want a broad selection of flowers and plants, but the quantities requested keep getting smaller. With Clock Presale you buy before the auction starts, in quantities as small as one package. It has the same logistics cost and distribution as purchases via the auction clock. This allows you to buy flexibly at the auctions at a time of your choosing. You don’t have to disappoint your customers again!

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Your benefits

  • Limited stock risk with small orders.
  • You use the regular clock distribution.
  • You buy before the auction starts, whenever you want.

What does it cost?

Auction presale is a free service for buyers of Royal FloraHolland. The delivery terms and conditions of the standard clock distribution apply to purchases via Auction presale.

How does it work?

From 12.00 to 05.55 hrs you can buy small quantities of a clock lot before the auction for a fixed price set by the grower. Your purchases arrive after the auction in your box. You do not pay anything more than the standard clock distribution. An ideal solution if you have small orders and want to be sure that you will have your products after the auction.

By linking your webshop to FloraMondo, you can offer the supply from Clock Presale directly in your webshop, before it appears at the auction. You then purchase only the products that your customers order.