Packaging policy

Royal FloraHolland employs a packaging policy, that differs for clock auction or direct flows.

Packaging policy for clock

In the case of Auction sales, you don’t know who will be buying the products and, for this reason, what the packaging logistics will be. With the buyer needing to be sure that packaging is of good quality, and that it comes in a size that matches their logistics and expectations, we have regulations in place for this.

These regulations help us achieve standardisation in terms of quality, sizing and materials. The materials policy (waste policy) concerns the quality and composition of waste, as well as the associated legal responsibility we have as a sector.

The objectives of our Auction packaging policy are:

  • Auction packaging is primarily intended for product marketing: protection, combining, providing information.
  • Standardisation occurs in the interest of efficient chain logistics: sizing, quality, appearance, ergonomics, content and quantity.

We always deduct Royal FloraHolland recognised packaging in the case of auction clock sales. If, because Royal FloraHolland’s standard packaging doesn’t offer a suitable alternative, you use a different type of packaging, you should apply for an exemption. You can then use this packaging for Auction and have it deducted. Only packaging that complies with the objectives of our packaging policy is eligible for exemption and can actually obtain it.

If you would you like to apply for an exemption or find out more, please contact our Customer Contact Center.

Packaging policy for brokerage segment

Direct orders are often customised, with their destination usually also known. This means that no packaging regulations apply. You simply make your own arrangements with the customer regarding product, quantities and packaging. We do advise you, however, to use Royal FloraHolland-approved packaging. If you opt not to do this, we advise you - in the interests of sustainability - to at least use packaging of similar material type (cardboard or Polystyrene PS for single-use plant trays). After all, other materials, such as PET, contaminate the waste flows of plant trays, which has a negative influence on the possibility of reusing the material.

All packaging codes may be used in the case of Direct Trade orders, and it is up to the customer to check whether the correct container code has been entered.

Royal FloraHolland-approved packaging

  • Single-use boxes: you can buy most single-use cardboard boxes at the auction. These boxes bear the Royal FloraHolland logo. This allows us to monitor the quality and size of the boxes.
  • Single-use plastic trays: the Normpack® quality mark is in place for single-use plastic trays. This is managed by Sivepo (Sierteelt Verpakkingspool). Tray manufacturers may only use the quality mark if they have a licence. You can buy single-use trays from the manufacturer, Royal FloraHolland or various brokers. You can find more information on the Normpack website.
  • Multi-use packaging: multi-use packaging, such as flower buckets, flower boxes, plant trays and planters, is managed by Royal FloraHolland. You can collect and bring this to Royal FloraHolland packaging depots, including Plantion and Veiling Rhein-Maas.