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Internal overnight rental

during peak

We impose internal overnight rental to increase the availability of trolleys in the busiest periods of the year. In the peak period there are 20 to 25 nights when we anticipate we shall be imposing an additional surcharge.

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We can also impose this surcharge in the peak period outside these specified nights if there is a shortage of trolleys. The surcharge applies per peak night per trolley that you are using in excess of the number specified in your box contract. We impose this surcharge to encourage box holders to release trolleys, thus making more trolleys available. This keeps the total trolley pool as small as possible, so we prevent unnecessary costs for each user.

Levy Overnight rental

We will notify you on the day itself, before 10:00 am at the latest, whether the overnight rental levy will actually take place. If the overnight rental levy falls on a weekend, we will inform you on Friday before 10 a.m. at the latest. We always do this on this web page.

The decision to impose the internal overnight rental levy always applies to all of our locations. This means that you may be required to release trolleys at your location even though it appears that there are enough trolleys available there.

Not all of the trolleys standing in the auction are available. We have to keep thousands of empty trolleys available every day to facilitate the distribution process of Royal FloraHolland the next day. So there may appear to be an excess, but not every visible trolley is freely available. It is also possible that there is a shortage at one location but not at another. It is not possible to impose the Internal overnight rental scheme at just one location.

Once we impose the levy, trolleys are really needed that would otherwise be unavailable in the chain. It can happen that more trolleys become available than the minimum required, so some are left standing.

An example

In Aalsmeer around 15,000 trolleys are required for the daily logistics process. The flower distribution area can house a total of 8,000 trolleys. Once it is full, it appears to be an enormous number of trolleys, but there are not enough for the daily logistics process.

Specifying quantities

If we decide to charge for internal overnight rental, you are obliged as a customer to specify before 10:00 pm how many trolleys you have in use that night on the required form. Please submit this form even if you are not using any trolleys. We carry out random counts to check the accuracy of the information supplied. Links to the daily and long-term declaration forms are located below this page.

You are charged for each trolley you have in use over and above the number stated in your box contract. If, during a count, we see that you are using trolleys but have not declared them or you have declared too few, we will charge you the standard rate plus a penalty for each undeclared trolley. This also applies to trolleys that you are using for storing other things than living products, such as film, production equipment, and administration.

What is or isn't charged?

For internal overnight rental, the following trolleys are not subject to a charge:

  • Trolleys loaded with SIVEPO containers, provided at least 50% are loaded.
  • Trolleys with products for the clock or direct trade for the following day; they must be labelled with delivery forms dated for the next day.
  • Trolleys in use for collecting recyclable materials destined for the Royal FloraHolland recycling stations.
  • Trolleys fitted with a lock plate. Single lock plates also count if they are visible to the inspector.

Other trolleys (loaded with product, fewer containers, other loads or empty) are charged, and we may have to add a penalty (non-product-associated surcharge).