Box contract

With a box contract, box holders agree with us the number of trolleys that they use in a year. In this way, the internal user contributes to maintaining the trolley pool.

The number refers to the average number of trolleys that you have in use in your box after 19:00. For each trolley you pay a fixed sum per year in four instalments.

To determine your average use, we come by once every quarter to conduct a count. These counts take place outside the absolute peak days. We can also carry out counts unannounced. Based on the results averaged over four quarters, the limit in your contract may be adjusted.

Is your contract limit too high? Then we can lower it in consultation with you, so that you do not pay too much. Is your contract too low? Then adjust it upwards to avoid paying a fine when an inspection is done. You can have the amount of the box contract adjusted once per contract year (12 months).

What is or isn't counted?

When determining your average use during the quarterly count, the following trolleys are not counted:

  • Trolleys loaded with SIVEPO containers, provided at least 50% are loaded
  • Trolleys with products for the clock or direct trade for the following day; they must be labelled with delivery forms dated for the next day
  • Trolleys fitted with a lock plate. Single lock plates also count if they are visible to the inspector
  • Empty trolleys

The other trolleys (loaded with product, waste, fewer containers, other loads) are included in the quarterly counts. The same counting rules apply to Internal overnight rental, except empty trolleys are of course included.

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