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Increasing the reliability of product photos is crucial for a marketplace that is becoming increasingly computerised and international. A photo app was developed to improve the quality of product photos before and during the auction: RFH photo. The new photo app makes taking product photos easier and offers better quality product photos before and during auction.

For growers: convenience and quality for your product photos

Your sales success depends on reliable, realistic product photos. After all, your buyers trust you to deliver what you promise. The RFH photo app allows you to do just that with the greatest of ease.

From now on, you can take high quality photos effortlessly, assisted by the automatic check that ensures that they comply with requirements. Reliable, quality photos are easier than ever before with the photo app.

If you want to take several photos of one product, RFH photo allows you to do that as well. You can also link your photos with Floriday just as easily; RFH photo does it automatically. Reliable, quality photos is easier than ever before with the RFH photo app.

Experiences from the sector

Tulip grower René Appelman is very enthusiastic about its use and possibilities. “I recommend the RFH photo app to everyone.” Watch the video.

For buyers: better quality product photos before and during the auction

A successful purchase starts with reliable, realistic product photos. More images per product and a higher resolution provides you with greater confidence. RFH photo gives you a better picture of the products presented at auction.

Make your purchase via KOA (Remote Buying) and use RFH photo on a second device to allow you to see the current or next product to be auctioned. See the photos taken with RFH photo in high resolution on the device of your choice: tablet, laptop or telephone. RFH photo allows you to look at the product photos on multiple auctions.

Make use of the freedom to select the different types of photo you want to see. You can already see the photos that growers take with RFH photo in high quality via FloraMondo. You can mark them in your auction preparation and in Auction Presales.

Experiences from the sector

Buyer at PPExport. Hendrik Breetvelt says: “The RFH photo app has become essential now.” Watch the video.

Questions about RFH photo?

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