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Platform for the floriculture industry

Floriday is an independent, digital platform that brings together the growers' flower and plant supply.
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What is Floriday?

Floriday is the central point where commercial and logistical processes take place. With Floriday, we are making the floriculture industry more accessible and user-friendly by providing a single open platform where growers, buyers, service providers (such as sales agents and transporters) and software providers can come together. We are working continuously with all players in the sector in order to develop the platform and make use of the very latest techniques (API connections) so that together, we can create the digital infrastructure that our industry needs.

Floriday for growers

As a grower in the floriculture industry, you can sell your range of flowers and plants via a future-oriented platform known as Floriday. Your entire range and all of your orders are listed centrally in a single location. Log on to Floriday and you can access the largest floriculture sales market in the world and will also have access to efficient commercial and logistical solutions. Amongst other things, Floriday enables information to be exchanged with buyers in a fast and reliable way and offers solutions to facilitate smaller orders. To start working with Floriday, simply log on to the platform or access it via an API link using your software package.

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Floriday for buyers

As a buyer in the floriculture industry, you can purchase flowers and plants from the range that is available locally or worldwide using the Floriday digital platform. Thanks to the platform, you will have direct access to the most up to date range and once connected, you can place your orders directly, online. As a Floriday user, you can get reliable information about products, can view the certification, track orders and save money on the logistics involved in fulfilling small orders. To start working with Floriday, simply log on to the platform or access it via an API link using your software package.

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Floriday for agents and software providers

Service providers, such as agents, use Floriday as part of the work they carry out on behalf of growers who have registered with them. By doing this, you are reducing the workload of those growers by taking care of commercial and/or logistical tasks on their behalf, simply and easily. Within the service provider functionalities in Floriday, you can access all of the functionalities for growers and have access to the stock of various growers in a single stock location. You can fulfil orders, (manually) log inbound orders and initiate goods movements. Using the service provider role, switching between growers is easy and you are able to manage roles and rights.

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Developing together

As we develop Floriday, growers, buyers, agents and software suppliers are continually involved in the creation of new functions. Users are also invited to contribute ideas and input of their own towards that development. How does this happen? Growers or buyers who wish to see a particular function or component in Floriday can indicate this on the route map in Floriday. Every user can vote on the requests submitted and the total number of votes is used to determine the priorities when developing the platform, amongst other things. In addition to those votes, Floriday's development calendar is also determined by aspects such as technical improvements, system maintenance and functions that ensure ongoing innovations on the platform. That is the way in which we develop our platform in collaboration with our users!

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The benefits of Floriday

Discover the benefits of the digital platform for buyers, growers and software providers!


Floriday workshops

Register to take part in a buyers’ or growers’ workshop and discover the possibilities that Floriday has to offer!


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The Floriday support department will be happy to help you by answering your questions. The Floriday support department is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.


HouwenPlant nursery: "We use almost all of the functions in Floriday"

HouwenPlant B.V: “We use almost all of the functions in Floriday and are relatively active. I’m seeing at least one or more new connections being added through our network every day, and it’s noticeable that more and more companies are taking a look and are placing orders via our store in Floriday. Trading requires speed and reliability and that too is something you get used to as you go along.” – "We know more than we used to before talking to a grower.” “Making a connection with growers via Floriday means we can purchase quickly. This makes sourcing products extremely easy, and consumers know exactly what they can expect from Thanks to Floriday, everything is in view, online. What form does the contract take? Will it improve availability? We know more than we used to before talking to a grower.”

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