Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (RvC) supervises the management and the general state of affairs in the cooperative and the company. It is closely involved in setting policy. The board is appointed by the Members’ Council.

Supervisory Board

Royal FloraHolland's Supervisory Board, from left to right:
Pascal Visée, Rosaline Zuurbier, Evert van Helvoort, Gerben Ravensbergen, Kees Pingen, Birgit Otto, Linda Hovius, Piet Coelewij, Jack Goossens.

This is Royal FloraHolland Supervisory Board Chairman Jack Goossens.

Supervisory Board Committees

the Supervisory Board of Royal FloraHolland has two permanent committees. For each of the Supervisory Board committees a regulation has been drawn up and the composition has been determined. Each Supervisory Board committee is supported by a secretary. A member of the Board is present at every committee meeting, unless the committee decides otherwise.

Audit Committee
  • Pascal Visée (Chairman)
  • Kees Pingen
  • Rosaline Zuurbier
Remuneration Committee
  • Linda Hovius (Chairman)
  • Jack Goossens
  • Birgit Otto
  • Evert van Helvoort

Supervisory Board Regulations