Member sessions

During the member sessions, all members discuss the most important cooperative themes with each other, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board.

The sessions provide valuable information that is used to further change and improve our cooperative. For example, the input from the members' sessions forms an important basis for the discussions that the Members' Council has with the Management Board and Supervisory Board throughout the year.

Twice a year, we organise round member sessions throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Kenya, Ethiopia and Israel.

Royal FloraHolland Ledensessies November 2019

Watch a summary of the member sessions held in November 2019:

Previous Membersessions

Member sessions June 2020

Review of the November 2022 membership sessions

From 22 June to 2 July 2020, the Council of Members will organise another round of members' sessions. These will take place online due to the corona crisis.

What did we hear during the November membership sessions? At least a lot of valuable information, which we are using to further change and improve our cooperative. The input from the member sessions forms an important basis for the Member Council's discussions with the Management and Supervisory Boards. In a summary, you can see how many members we spoke to, what topics we discussed and what the most important sounds, questions and signals were that emerged during the sessions in the Netherlands, but also internationally!

View the summary of the November member sessions

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