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Royal FloraHolland Product Committee

FloraHolland is a cooperative of, by and for its members. Our growers supply many different species of flowers and plants. As a result, there are 27 Royal FloraHolland Product Committees (FPCs) that specialise in product specific issues.

Every member can contact at least one of these FPCs. Through the FPC, members have the opportunity to share knowledge with each other about their product and use this knowledge to think along and make decisions about product related issues. The FPC is the exclusive place to do this.

Five to nine growers, as well as a sponsor, product manager and supporting staff from RFH are affiliated with the FPC. The chairmanship is in the hands of one of the growers. The FPC meets about 4 times a year to discuss issues and challenges for the product group.

The FPC advices, serves as a sounding board and gives signals. The FPC is involved in the implementation of decisions and the day-to-day running of the company with regard to the product group.

Consulting and communicating with the members is an important task of the FPC. The FPC does this, for example, through surveys, a product meeting, a theme meeting and/or a WhatsApp group. A new product newsletter appears regularly.

FPC Core Team

The FPC Core Team, consisting of a few managers of Royal FloraHolland and FPC supporters, is partly responsible for the effective and efficient functioning of the FPC. This team ensures there is a good connection between the strategic topics of the FPC, Members' Council and the company. It also assists the FPC with issues and following the correct processes.

Governance and FPC

Governance means: the way in which cooperative is managed. For a cooperative, some rules are laid down by law, but much is left to the cooperative itself. We agree on this with each other in the articles of association and regulations. Would you like to know what has been agreed for the FPCs?