Product specifications

The product specifications of the VBN (Association of Flower Auctions in The Netherlands) set out the basic agreements between growers and traders for the trading of horticultural products.

We try to keep these agreements up-to-date, accessible and available as much as possible. Therefore, we consult growers and customers regularly, as well as employees of Royal FloraHolland, Rhein Maas and Plantion.

You can find the product specifications and any associated information (maturity and density photos) at the website from VNB. There are General Specifications for Cut Flowers, Houseplants and Garden Plants. For a number of product groups, supplements to the General Specifications apply. These are listed on under 'product info'.

The VBN's product code search field lets you look for any supplements to the General Specifications on the basis of a product code or name. Changes to specifications, coding or implementation matters are communicated to growers by email and Royal FloraHolland's digital newsletter.