Supply regulations for contract suppliers

Are you a contract supplier and would you like to supply to Royal FloraHolland? It's possible! We would be happy to talk to you about the possibilities and even prepare supply agreements.

The Contact Center will put you in contact with our account managers and product teams. They will be happy to help you further, as we look forward to working with you. If you want to supply the clocks at one or more of the three export locations, then we shall make supply agreements with you regarding the type of product, the quantities (minimum and maximum) and the days to be supplied. In this way, we try to create an attractive marketplace, with clear rules for everyone.

To ensure that the marketplace remains attractive for everyone if the auction and supply regulations/agreements are not complied with, Royal FloraHolland has the right to immediately auction all or some of the products at the end or not at all, without proof of default being required, or temporarily storing them, destroying them or returning them, all at the supplier's risk. Royal FloraHolland may choose freely among these options. The storage, destruction and/or return costs including charges for Royal FloraHolland logistics activities are to be paid by the supplier in question.

If Royal FloraHolland did auction the products for reasons of its own, it has the right to impose restrictions on the supply for a set period or to impose a fine.
If Royal FloraHolland only issues a warning when a shortcoming is detected, suppliers cannot derive any future rights from this warning.