Sales management

Would you like to stimulate your sales activities, create a better sales plan or support the sales of your flowers and plants? Or would you like to receive better feedback and expand your business relationships? Our sales professionals can help you with personal advice tailored to your situation and based on knowledge available at Royal FloraHolland about the sales in your product group. Together, we can improve your company's sales strategy. Your sales will be stimulated and your revenue will grow.

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  • New customers, so your revenue grows.
  • Expert advice with setting up your sales strategy, establishing your sales department and conducting sales activities.
  • Use of Royal FloraHolland's knowledge and network and a permanent contact for all your commercial matters.
  • Practical implementation of your sales activities for short- and long-term trade.

What does it cost?

Would you like to receive advice about your sales strategy and how you and your company can achieve more with your sales activities? Or would you also like to use the support of our sales professionals? Given your wishes, we prepare a customised offer that matches your operational management.

How does it work?

Our sales professionals help you with customised sales advice. We shall surprise you with strategic advice based on the latest trends and current developments in your market. Every day we employ our broad commercial knowledge and experience to uncover and realise sales opportunities. We act as an extension of your company in the dynamic horticultural chain and work towards realising your short- and long-term goals. Our objective is to achieve growth in your trading results, by outlining together with you the best sales strategy for your company. And if you prefer, we can also implement it.

Our sales professionals have access to a broad range of information sources:

  • Knowledge of your current clientele: our sales professionals uncover the reasons why your customers choose to purchase from you. They build on existing relationships and find out what their needs are. This allows you to respond better to the wishes and needs of your existing customers.
  • Knowledge within Royal FloraHolland and the market: we use our network to enlarge yours. You profit directly from all of the auction's knowledge and its quality. With our years of experience and enormous internal and external network, we can estimate closely how the market will develop. We advise you on how best to respond to those trends.
  • Market information and sales data: our sales professionals give you access to up-to-date market information and sales data. In combination with commercial insight, we actively employ these market data to realise the best price and sales strategy for your product.

With Sales management from Royal FloraHolland, we contribute to the growth of your trading results. The revenue of growers using our support generally grows faster than that of the average grower at Royal FloraHolland. So take advantage of our service provision!