Correct settled direct trade transactions

Royal FloraHolland processes corrections to settled direct trade transactions in a standardised manner. In this way, it is possible to process corrections faster and error-free. This saves both you and us valuable time.

Correcting Floriday sales order

You can perform a correction on a direct order concluded in Floriday through the platform.

Correcting direct trade EAB

If the order has not been concluded through Floriday, you can continue filing a correction through:

  • an EAB correction from your software package;
  • a CSV file correction;
  • an Excel file correction.

Quick & easy via the EAB correction

As a grower, you can make an EAB correction within your own software package that will process your correction automatically. If you would like to know whether your EAB software package supports this functionality, please contact your software supplier.

If you are unable to create an EAB correction, you can choose which approach best suits your business operations and the number of corrections to be processed.

The correction CSV file

A 'comma-separated values' (CSV) file is a database file that software can read automatically. You can generate a CSV file directly from your software package or you can convert an Excel file to CSV format. In the Excel file on this page, you will find more information about the values and fields that are required. Please note: you must copy this template exactly.

The correction Excel file

If you prefer working with familiar Excel that is not a problem. There is an Excel format for Royal FloraHolland corrections. We ask you to use this file to enter your corrections. This means we will always have the correct information, provided in the correct manner.

Deliver your correction requests on time

We ask that you send us your corrections within 14 days. We of course understand that something might still be pending, which is why we process corrections up to three months old. This is the same deadline as used in the Auction Regulations. Transactions older than three months are no longer in the correction system, meaning we cannot correct them.